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  • Synthetic grass is considered an investment, not a cost; it saves and insures you against inevitable water rate increases. The return on investment varies, in most cases, the installation of synthetic turf pays for itself in 4-7 years. Read More...

  • Most manufacturers agree that turf life expectancies are 15-20+ years for most applications. Read More...

  • We prefer 100% USA made turf products and have toured most of the USA facilities. We only carry what we know to be the best turf products. Read More...

  • Yes, about 70% of our installs are for families with pets. Synthetic Turf works great and your pet will love it!

    We use 100% natural and organic infill for all of our pet installs. Not only is it 100% safe for your pets, it helps eliminate pet odors. Read More...

  • Synthetic turf is installed in thousands of preschools, playgrounds, dog parks, and sports fields across America. If children were being burned by synthetic turf, lawsuits would surely ensue

    We do NOT use crumb rubber infill in our turf installs. This causes our turf to be much cooler than most sports fields that use black crumb rubber.

    Turf can get hot to the touch above 80-90 degrees farenheit air temperature similar to other hard surfaces like concrete and pool decks. Turf does not retain heat and cools down quickly unlike concrete. Read More...

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  • Serving all of Southern California for over 14 years
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Hunny Do Artificial Grass Angies List Award 2015

Golf Grass - Hunny Do Artificial Grass, Inc

Time for a little honesty: None of us at Hunny Do Artificial Grass are very good golfers. In fact whenever we play we bring our own supply of full sized pencils because the little ones they give you at most courses don’t have erasers! (What can they possibly be thinking!!!). Quadruple bogies, perpetual erasing and declaring 30 ft “Mulligans” comprise the better part of our final scores.

Though we’re not talented on the links we are experts at artificial turf and designing sophisticated golf systems. Everything from simple putting greens, (including second cut fringe) to sand traps, chipping islands and tee box nets, we’ll help you come up with a system that’s fun and challenging for the whole family.

It’s interesting that though over the past 14 years we’ve missed every golf shot imaginable we’ve actually created more synthetic golf holes and putting greens than all of those shots combined! (Did we actually say that? What does a synthetic hole look like? Well you golfers know what we mean!)

A fact worth noting is that all of our putting greens use Tiger Turf and Eagle one golf products along with a Multi-Layer sub base capable of creating any surface action you desire.

Finally Putting Greens are even pet friendly. In fact pets can actually help you create ever changing “Natural” hazards to putt around, (if you know what we mean!). Call us today so we can chat about your golf ideas (760-949-7939). A subtle hint, (Shhhh, don’t tell management) . . . . . You could actually recoup a portion of your turf expense by inviting one or more of us to a round of golf and then arranging a “Friendly” wager per hole! Really, we’re that bad!!

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