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  • Synthetic grass is considered an investment, not a cost; it saves and insures you against inevitable water rate increases. The return on investment varies, in most cases, the installation of synthetic turf pays for itself in 4-7 years. Read More...

  • Most manufacturers agree that turf life expectancies are 15-20+ years for most applications. Read More...

  • We prefer 100% USA made turf products and have toured most of the USA facilities. We only carry what we know to be the best turf products. Read More...

  • Yes, about 70% of our installs are for families with pets. Synthetic Turf works great and your pet will love it!

    We use 100% natural and organic infill for all of our pet installs. Not only is it 100% safe for your pets, it helps eliminate pet odors. Read More...

  • Synthetic turf is installed in thousands of preschools, playgrounds, dog parks, and sports fields across America. If children were being burned by synthetic turf, lawsuits would surely ensue

    We do NOT use crumb rubber infill in our turf installs. This causes our turf to be much cooler than most sports fields that use black crumb rubber.

    Turf can get hot to the touch above 80-90 degrees farenheit air temperature similar to other hard surfaces like concrete and pool decks. Turf does not retain heat and cools down quickly unlike concrete. Read More...

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Pets & Artificial Grass - Hunny Do Artificial Grass, Inc

Over the past 14+ years approximately 70% of our residential projects have involved families with pets. Though dogs represent the overwhelming majority of those pets we have seen everything from snakes to ferrets, skunks, raccoons, fox’s, and a plethora of other exotic wildlife that made our skin crawl. Frankly we never grow tired of discovering our animal cousins that people choose to keep close by. Because of this we consider ourselves the “Pro’s of Poo!! (as the many synonyms herein will attest)”

Today’s synthetic turf is extremely durable. Though there are specific products labeled as “Pet Turf” the truth is that virtually all 100% USA made turf is good for pets. The critical difference is related to installation, (additional attachment anchors should be used for all pet applications) and infill selection, (see Envirofill below).

Pet potty will not harm or discolor turf. One of the most common questions we hear is : “What happens when my dog leaves a “Steamer” on the turf? The short answer is “Nothing”!! It will not harm the grass. However like any of “Rover’s Roses” if left unattended it will stink! Because of this time tested fact we encourage people to utilize the same implement they have for years ; the good old fashioned “Pooper Scoop”.

After discarding the “Doo”, (preferably not over the neighbors fence!!) the “Drop Spot” should be hosed down so as to further dilute any remnant fragments. Unfortunately there is no magic dust that converts the smell of excrement to lavender, (though it is a sure Shark Tank winner for any budding chemist) there are two products that work wonderfully to sanitize and deodorize the turf.

1) Simple Green Turf Cleaner for Pets. – This is a completely safe non-toxic active enzyme cleaner that sanitizes turf and smells great. It’s inexpensive and comes complete with a hose attachment.

2) Envirofill -- This is a quartz infill, coated, encapsulated pebble made of Microban Antibacterial polymers. It’s considered the Gold Standard of infill for turf projects involving pets and comes with a 15 year warranty from the manufacturer.

We invite you to visit our on-line store or give us a call for more information. We promise to keep the puns to a minimum and share the benefit of our 14 years expertise with observing pet squats. .

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